For $40, I got myself a large glass outdoor table and an umbrella with stand. $40! Thanks to a colleague who is doing a little spring cleaning. He even delivered them for me. You’re a champ, Dave!
Outdoor Table & Umbrella

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Courtyard Garden Update

It’s been 7 months since we’ve started the garden. My blog post then showed off our 5 new native plants. Since then, we have planted a few more plants, put potted plants in the ground, expanded our garden beds and those natives we planted in the beginning have really grown!

I took a series of photos that showed the garden from the left to the right fence.

The left side of the garden is the entertaining area. It is also Richard’s favourite part of the garden as he has created an area called “Fern Gully” along the fence. Plants there are from the pre-flowering era e.g. ferns and cycad.
12 April 08--1

Purple fountain grass creates a hedge and encloses the entertaining area beautifully. These grasses have grown rapidly over the few short months and are now 1.5m tall!
12 April 08--2

The grassed area and the garden beds around it are still a work in progress. We’ve planted lemongrass and mother-in-law’s tongues at the foot of the bird bath.
12 April 08--3

I recently planted bell pepper seeds and you can see them sprouting near the rock. The native plants are also doing well and are at a decent height now. I especially love the trees in the last photo. Can’t wait for them to grow to their full height!
12 April 08--4

12 April 08--5


Recycled Bird Bath

This recycled bird bath that Richard “made” a few weeks ago has really grown on me. It’s an upside down metal garbage bin. I think it suits both our personal styles and works well in our natural bush garden that we are creating.
Recycled Bird Bath

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Bird Attraction

Looks like we are not getting rid of the big clothesline in our courtyard. The native birds around here are regularly sitting on it every morning and evening. We leave them bird seeds and bread with honey and they love it! And we love watching them too.
Red Wattle Bird Native Birds in Courtyard Rainbow Lorikeets

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Butcher Bird

Richard took this photo of a juvenile butcher bird while we were having a break in our backyard. It was sitting on our clothes line, singing away happily. I just love living in this house.
Juvenile Butcher Bird

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