A Garden Surprise

It started with what looked like a weed growing between the compost bin and our beloved banksia tree. On closer inspection, Richard discovered that it was actually a tomato plant! We didn’t plant it and our neighbour grew her tomatoes in pots. How on earth did it get there?

We decided to just leave it alone and see what happens. It’s right next to the compost bin so it’ll get plenty of nutrients. Richard told our neighbour about the mystery tomato plant and she gave him a stake to help the plant grow. That’s all we did for weeks. We staked it, watered it rarely and let it do it’s own thing.

And I think the plant did very well on its own! Look how big it is!

Tomato Plant

There are little green tomatoes now too!
Green Tomatoes

And even more coming soon!
More Green Tomatoes

I’m very excited. I’ve never eaten home grown tomatoes before but everyone tells me they taste better than anything you get from the shops. Can’t wait!

P.S. It’s summer here in Australia.

P.P.S. Does anyone know what variety of tomato this is?


Winter Gardening

I’ve been inspired by several blogs about living sustainably. I’ve lived a greener life since I’ve moved to Australia but a personal decision recently has given me a real reason to reduce my carbon footprint. So after reading this blog this morning, I made a decision to create a small vegetable garden and it took me only one afternoon from start to finish. It was so quick and easy. I picked up a few styrofoam boxes from the green grocer for FREE and a few supplies from the local garden centre.

I alleviated the boxes with a few wooden stakes to improve drainage. I then line them with leftover flyscreen mesh to stop the soil and compost from draining through the holes.
Setting up Vege & Herb Boxes

Richard’s been working on his compost for months now and it has paid off! The compost is dark, rich, moist and packed with nutrients. I filled a quarter of each box with compost.

I mixed premium potting mix with regular potting mix that I had leftover. I also sprinkled in a few handful of blood and bone and gave it a real good mix. The boxes were now filled up with this potting mixture. The seedlings were planted and given a good drink of seaweed solution. I’ve got space for two more boxes and pots too so more vegetables to be put in over the next few weeks. I will update you again in a couple of months when I start harvesting.
Vege & Herb Boxes

I couln’t capture the garden in one photo so I made a video instead. Turn the sound on because I’m narrating it as I’m walking around the garden.

P.S. I think the mic makes me sound nasally.


I Heart Gifts

Teresa made matching gardening aprons for us. They’re so pretty and I just don’t want to make it grubby. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift! By the way, we just couldn’t resist taking silly photos of ourselves wearing them. It’s not everyday we are posing together with aprons on! Haha…
Serious Gardeners Crazy Gardeners Richard's Apron

Along with other food items and the aprons, Teresa sent me this wonderful fabric from India. It’s supposed to be a single bed cover but it fits beautifully over our dining table. We love it!
Tablecloth from India

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Stop and Smell the Roses

My roses have come good. I had 2 beautiful blooms this week. Unfortunately, one of the roses had all the petals blown off when the rain came down hard last night. So I decided to “save” this rose and bring it inside to enjoy for a few more days. It’s absolutely perfect. Just beautiful.
Stop and Smell the Roses Olly and A Rose
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Every Rose Has Its Thorns

This is my first time growing roses and I’m quickly rewarded with a rose in a matter of weeks! It has not been an easy journey for this rose though. It had to cope with aphids, scales and black spots since I got the plant from Richard’s dad. I’ve sprayed it several times with EcoOil and I hope it will grow to a healthy plant eventually. Right now, I will just enjoy this pretty bloom…
First Rose

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