Digging Around

We started off with a boring courtyard of grass, pavers and an awful clothesline. There were no plants in the ground at all. We have spent the last few weeks digging grass out to make new garden beds and putting in a few specimen plants and trees – grevilleas, a bottlebrush tree and a banksia tree. All of which are native Australian plants which will grow quickly to frame the courtyard and most importantly, screen off neighbours. Richard also installed a compost bin which is quickly filling up. There is still more work to be done and I just can’t wait! I’m looking forward to seeing the garden come alive over the next few years.
Digging Grass Out Ripping Grass Out Conditioning the Soil Mulching Right Side (29 Sep '07) Left Side (29 Sep '07)

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Birthday Plants

Since I migrated here, I have tried to celebrate Richard and my special moments with plants. Last year, for example, Richard bought me a tree fern for my birthday. This year, we planted a bottlebrush tree and grevilleas in our very own garden. We are literally setting our roots down. This is our home.
Courtyard with Grevillea Barklyana Callistemon King's Park Special

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Spring Flora Festival

Despite the rain, we still went to the Australian Springtime Flora Festival held annually at Mt Penang Parklands. I’ve been wanting to go since the first year I’ve moved here. It was muddy and wet but I still had quite a lovely time there. I bought my first orchid and a strange plant called Adenium or the Fortune Tree. I just love weird and unusual things.
My First Orchid Adenium or Fortune Tree Wildflower Pavillion Drum People

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