Knitting Podcast, Slippers & Cat Beret?

Spirogyra Gloves (Blocking)
I’ve finished knitting my spirogyra gloves yesterday and they’re sitting in front of the fan getting blocked. The cold, wet weather is slowing down the drying process. I want to wear them!

Anyway, last night I pulled out my semi-finished cat pillow that I’ve been knitting since last November (I think). It’s my own design and since then, I’ve thought of better ways of knitting it. I found the current pattern terribly boring and repetitive. So low and behold, I frogged it – all of it. I unravelled the entire project and all the yarn is now stored away in my stash basket. It was emotionally hard to do but I feel liberated now!

Now, I’m ready for a project. I thought I’ll do something simple and decided on the pocketbook slippers. Today I turned the tv off, started knitting and for the first time, listened to knitting podcasts. Yes, you heard me. Knitting podcasts. I know, I’m a geek. I listened to Brenda Dayne‘s and Kelley‘s podcasts. I think I’ve found my new favourite thing. I was in flow!

So I’m happily knitting my slippers and I’m almost finished one of them and then, I’ve realised I misunderstood the pattern! Since I was almost finished I thought I might as well finish it and see what happens. Well, the slipper won’t fit. I have small feet but the holes are pretty dang small!
Failed Pocketbook Slippers

I showed it to Richard. We laughed. Then I showed it to Ifa. She said she would LOVE the slipper on her head as a beret! Oh, she looked like a French star! And to finish the look, she had to have a cape. So Richard put a cape (aka crochet bed) on her and she was ready for her big debut! She asked for a cigi to finish the look but I had to draw the line there. Doesn’t she look divine? 😉
Ifa Wearing Beret & Cape
P.S. Yes, she is half-asleep on my belt and next to the very warm laptop fan.


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