Knitting Pattern for Santa Helmet

Santa Helmet
Santa Helmet

Teresa recommended the Santa Helmet to Craftzine and it got featured! It’s on several websites now, including Craftzine blog and Craft & Hobbies News.

So I’ve decided to post the KNITTING PATTERN FOR SANTA HELMET here. This is my first pattern and I wrote it AFTER I made the Santa helmet thus has not been road tested (no pun intended!). It’s not a strict pattern, but rather a guideline. So if there are parts that are not clear, please leave a comment so I can fix it. Thanks!

Yarn for hat:
200g Red 8 ply acrylic yarn
100g White 8 ply acrylic yarn

Yarn for beard:
10g White chunky or ‘thick and thin’ yarn

6mm straight

1. White Brim – A white long rectangle (looks like a little scarf)

CO 14st with 2 white yarns held together. You might need more or less stitches depending on how tall you want the brim. Knit with 2 yarns in garter stitch until the desired length ie stretch it around the helmet where the white brim is meant to sit and knit till it fits very, very tightly around the circumference. Cast off.

2. Red Hat

Using 2 red yarns held together, pick up stitches along the length of your white long rectangle. I picked up one stitch per row. Knit in stocking stitch till the work measures about 15cm.

Start decrease by K2G at the start and end of row (RS). Repeat decrease every 4th row until you’re left with 22 sts. From now on, decrease every row on RS till you’re left with 10sts.

Leave a very long tail and cut yarn. Using a tapestry needle, thread the long tail through every other st on needle and back through remaining stitches. Pull yarn tightly.

3. Finishing hat

Using the long tail, sew the edges together. I used a mattress stitch seam. Make a large white pom pom and attach to the pointy tip of hat. Hat done!

4. Beard – Long white rectangle in loop stitch

CO about 60st with chunky white yarn. Using the loop stitch, knit till desired height. Good instructions for loop sitch here:
Knit till desired height for your helmet – measure just below the visor till the bottom edge of helmet. Cast off.

5. Finishing beard

Put the hat onto the helmet and wrap the beard around the front. Sew one end with white yarn onto the Santa hat. Stretch the beard tightly over and sew on the other end. Beard done!

6. Safety features – Non-slip rubber backing

Using non-slip rubber backing that you use under rugs, cut a 5cm strip according to the circumference of your helmet. Seam up end with regular thread or use sewing machine. Now you’ve got a non-slip “belt”. Sew using regular sewing thread to the underside of the white brim on 8 equally spaced out points. Make sure you stretch the hat as you figure out where you need to sew the strip to.

Cut a 15 x 7cm rectangle from the non-slip rubber backing and sew on to the underside of the beard. I sew mine on in the middle top part of the beard ie just under the bottom edge of visor.

Put the Santa hat on to helmet. Fold the pointy red tip to the back of the helmet till it touches the hat and sew in place. This prevents the tip from flying around while you’re riding.

*Pattern was corrected on 24 Dec 2007*


Introducing the Knitted Santa Helmet!

How good does the Santa hat look on the actual helmet!? We were just cracking up! He actually rode home with it on! Haha…
Santa Helmet on James Santa Helmet on James

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Ho Ho Whoaa! Santa Helmet is Finished!

The motorcycle helmet Santa hat is complete! I’m very proud of it as I made it up as I went along. I had to use a 45cm cushion to take a photo of it cos I don’t have James’ helmet with me and I’m just very excited to showcase it to the world! Haha… So I will post photos of the Santa hat on the helmet another time.
Santa Hat for Motorbike Helmet (Front) Santa Hat for Motorbike Helmet (Side)

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Second (Santa) Life

I’m remaking James’ santa hat for his motorbike helmet. Thanks to his sponsorship, I was able to buy yarn instead of using stash yarn. It’s going really well and I know it will fit this time cos I had his helmet with me when I knitted the white brim. Very happy with it so far and I’m sure James will love the finished product. Won’t you, James? 😉
Santa Hat in Progress

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Santa Hat Gone Wrong!

I tried to knit a Santa Hat to fit over James’ helmet so that he can wear it when he goes for the Christmas charity motorbike run. Well, simply put, it didn’t go quite as planned! I tried to block acrylic yarn by the steaming method and basically melted the fibres. It has no more bounce! Haha… I think a “Take 2” is in order.

Santa Hat Gone Wrong!


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