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We are charging ahead with our home renovations at the moment and it has been equally tiring and rewarding. We’ve set a deadline for the end of the year where the most essential improvements must be done. So here are some of the things we got up to over the last fortnight.

Richard has put in all the downlights in the living space now. There are 8 in the living room, 2 in the dining area and 4 in the kitchen. The house sparkles when the lights are on. I, on the other hand, have been painting the windows and doors.

Before (in 2008)
Living Room
Dining Room & Kitchen

New Downlights & Painted Door & Window
Painted door &Window

And I am also loving our new 3-in-1 bathroom light, heater and exhaust fan.
New 3-in-1 Bathroom Light

We also got a free cat door from friends so even the cats have moved up in life!
New Cat Door

Our second bedroom had been used as an office but when we moved that downstairs, we used it as a store room for all the painting and renovation gear. Now it’s being used again as an office while the office downstairs gets renovated. Clear about that? 😛 But we love this little desk setup at the moment that we’ve decided to keep the desktop in this room and use the laptop in the office downstairs (when the renovation is done).
Temp Office?

I’d like to draw your attention to the printer stand made by yours truly. It’s made out of recycled timber, a very old print painting, Araldite glue (thanks James) and a few small nails.
Homemade Printer Stand
It might not look fantastic but it works. I’ll pretty it up when I have time.

So in the other corner of the room, I have a desk which I want to use for product photography. I still need a few more things to accomplish this but it’ll be so good when it’s all set up.
My Future Photography Desk
(Hope, you’ll be happy to know that I used your spinning wheel a few days ago. 🙂 )

So this is the office downstairs that’s awaiting our attention. It’s a room just off our garage which needs to be painted, concrete floor polished, downlights put in and a new door (where the curtains are hanging). Then we need to build a large desk and shelving. Easy peasy! 😛
Office Awaiting Renos

Ok one more last thing. It’s really minor but my mother-in-law thought I should share it on my blog anyway. My Hills Hoist clothesline used to have 5 lines going around but as our trees in the garden grew bigger, the clothesline couldn’t rotate anymore as it got caught in the branches.
Clothesline Shortened
Thanks to Mr Angle Grinder, we said sayonara to the last line. Four rubber ends later, the clothesline is at a better suited size for our little backyard and it can now rotate freely with the wind.
Clotheslines in Action

Wow! We’ve been busy and this has been one looonnggg post. Should really blog more regularly. 😛

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I’m Proud of My Linen Cupboard Makeover

I am proud of my linen cupboard now. I’ll show it off to people when they come over. I will. I’ll say, “Come in, friends! Have you seen my linen cupboard lately?” 😛 Have a look at the before and after photos and tell me whether you like all the improvements I’ve made.


  • Yellow walls and wood trims
  • Linen Cupboard BEFORE
    Linen Cupboard BEFORE

  • Scuffed walls and ugly, poorly lined shelf liners
  • Old Shelf Liner

    Drumroll please!


    Ta daaa!


  • White walls and trims, and no door knobs! Replaced them with magnetic push locks.
  • Linen Cupboard (After)

  • Blue inner walls and new Ikea shelf liners
  • Linen Cupboard (After)
    Ikea Shelf Liners & New Paint

  • A little cleanup and everything goes back in comfortably, with room to spare!
  • Linen Cupboard (After)

    Have you done home improvements which you’re proud of? Tell me all about it or blog about it and send me a link. Let’s have a show and tell!

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    My White Bedroom

    My bedroom is white with hints of black, cream and grey. I was inspired by a Zen interior design book and knew instantly that that is what I need in a home. The muted colours allow me to wind down for the night and awaken me softly in the morning.

    As you enter the room, you might notice that the room is rather bare. I have a saying for my interior design style: If you don’t want to clean it, don’t have it out. 😛 I’ve deliberately put away knick knacks and left shelves bare so I have less to dust. You might laugh but I’d rather be doing something more productive, like knitting. I also like not having the visual clutter. Strange coming from a graphic designer who used to love bright colours and clutter in her room. Maybe the older, wiser me has finally come forward.
    Bedroom Entrance

    There are small details that I love in my bedroom. Ikea has a good source of relatively cheap, well-designed pieces.
    Ikea Lamp

    I’ve also omitted bedside tables in our rather small room. Instead I have opted for Ikea’s remote control organiser which has more than enough pockets for a magazine and book, remote control and lip balm. I would have preferred a black organiser but it was out of stock. Meh. And I use the window sill to hold our cups of tea.
    Bedside "Table" / Ikea Remote Control Holder

    And then we have our unusual TV corner. The TV stand is an old bedside table that we somehow inherited from the previous place we were renting in. We saved it from being thrown out by the owners. The chair is an old dining chair that I have refinished. You can read a bit more about the chair in the “Sit Buzz Sit” post.
    TV & Refinished Chair

    Actually, I might just sit here for a while and watch the morning news. Hope you enjoyed the tour of my bedroom, especially you, Melissa.
    On The Bed

    P.S. This is the only room in the house which is fully renovated. The rest of the house still has old, eeky pee-coloured walls, holes in the ceiling and some parts of the wall has only got plaster on them where the wall used to be. We’ll get around to finishing the house soon. So I keep telling myself…


    When a House Becomes a Home

    We’ve had a busy school holidays and have spent a lot of energy on the house. We’ve plastered the walls and ceiling where the old wall used to be. I would say we are halfway through this project but we’ve put all the tools away for now as we’re both back at work tomorrow. There is no way I want to look at those tools in the dining room for one more day! The rooms look more finished since the last update.
    Dining Room & Kitchen
    Living Room

    Gee, the photos make the rooms look soooo small. Anywhooo… did you notice the pretty blue curtains in the living room? I sewed them! I’ve made curtains in the past when I was still living at my mum’s. They always ended up puckered and either too short or too long or both at the same time! My mum would have to unpick the bottom hem and re-handsew it AFTER the curtains were hung!

    So when I bought the sewing machine last year, I also bought a curtain sewing book. The instructions are crystal clear and I’ve learnt so much! I guess you can’t just wing it when sewing curtains. Hehe.
    Pleated Curtains

    The curtains were designed (by the author) with pleats that are only at the top part of the curtains. It was a bit more effort but it was well worth it. The result is a more elegant and structured look. Richard reckons they look like a waterfall. By the way, the curtains cost us only $30 in material!
    Pleated Curtains (Close-up)

    Last but not least, the 80 litre hot water system that came with the house started leaking very badly and it had to go. Richard’s dad got us a “new”, dirt cheap ($200!), MUCH bigger 315 litre one which they installed UNDER the house! It was very impressive (and comical) how they fit the massive tank through a small 60cm door. The two men were really in the zone when they were installing it yesterday. The worked non-stop for at least 5 hours! Kudos to you both!
    New 315litre Hot Water System


    Removing Internal Wall – Day 5

    Remember the wall between the living and dining/kitchen area? Well, after 5 days of renovations, it’s all gone!
    Left Wall (From Front Door)
    Right Wall (From Front Door)

    We even took out the arch in the hallway. Here it is BEFORE renovations:
    Hallway from Dining Room (Before)

    AFTER – Arch no more!
    Hall Doorway

    The easy demolition part is now all done. Now we have to put new floorboards and plasterboards in, rewiring telephone and electrical points and render a brick wall. Hence the pile of tools sitting on our buffet table. Looking very good so far, don’t you think?

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