Malay for Aussies: Letter A

Malay is the national language of Singapore and Malaysia. It is very similar to Indonesian. As Richard and I live in isolation to the Malay community here in Australia, he finds it hard to learn the language from books and from having small talk with me.

I’ve decided to create simple pictures that will help him and other Aussies that are interested to learn basic Malay. The first series of pictures will focus on learning everyday objects from A to Z and using the words in basic sentences.

We’ve also had fun recording our voices so you can hear the difference between a native Malay speaker and an Aussie learner.

There are two ways to sound the letter A- “ah” and “er“. It depends on the position of the letter A in the word. The “ah” sound is covered below.

Salihan’s Voice (Native Malay Speaker)

Richard’s Voice (Aussie Learner)


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