Removing Internal Wall – Day 5

Remember the wall between the living and dining/kitchen area? Well, after 5 days of renovations, it’s all gone!
Left Wall (From Front Door)
Right Wall (From Front Door)

We even took out the arch in the hallway. Here it is BEFORE renovations:
Hallway from Dining Room (Before)

AFTER – Arch no more!
Hall Doorway

The easy demolition part is now all done. Now we have to put new floorboards and plasterboards in, rewiring telephone and electrical points and render a brick wall. Hence the pile of tools sitting on our buffet table. Looking very good so far, don’t you think?

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Removing Internal Wall – Day 2

After removing one side of the wall on day one, removing the other side was a lot easier. We got good tips from Mundey on how to remove the cornice and the wall easily. And it worked a treat!

But before we start, we used cheap plastic drop cloths from Bunnings ($1.50 each) and masking tape to screen off the work area. It makes cleaning up a lot quicker and easier. We also had a large container in the work area to bin big pieces of plaster board and cornice as we remove them.
Screening Off Work Area

Steps for removing the cornice:
1. Score the plaster board where the ceiling meets the cornice. This prevents the ceiling from being damaged when you pull the cornice off.
2. Puncture a hole in the cornice using a hammer.
3. Insert a wrecking bar or the claw end of the hammer into the hole then lever the cornice off. It should come off in 30cm lengths.

The wall should come off easily now with a few bangs and some pushing from the other side of the wall. Richard did all that after work and before dinner time! Too easy!

On a little tangent, I couldn’t pass up the chance to graffiti the wall a few days ago. It’s a bit stupid looking, I know. Coincidentally, Richard decided to hang up his tools in the hole while working today. We didn’t notice it at first but then I realised just how funny the screaming man looked with the tools in his mouth.

Anyway, below is the photo of the living room taken from the front door BEFORE the demolition:
Wall From Front Door (Before)

Here it is after day two:
Wall From Front Door (After Day 2)

We’re only half way through removing the wall. We’ve got a busy weekend ahead!


The Wall is Coming Down!

We have a wall separating the living and dining/kitchen area. It blocks out a lot of the sunlight that comes through the kitchen windows. So the living area is in perpetual darkness all day long. You can see it very clearly in the photo below. This was taken this morning and I even have the lights on in the living room but it’s still dark in there.
The Wall in Dining Area (Before)

So we discussed it at length with Richard’s dad, who is a builder, and agreed that we can remove the wall for free as he has all the timber we need. So the plan is to remove the gyprock wall before the school holidays which start in two weeks. Then Richard’s dad can pop over and remove the studs and add a beam some time during the holidays.

So we started the demolition today. With the help of Mr Jabsaw, Mr Wrecking Bar and Richard’s muscles, we did this in just one hour! Oh, it was fun! I wish my brothers were here to tear this wall down. They would love it!
The Wall in Dining Area (After Day 1)

Is it me or does the room look brighter already? 😉

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