First Homemade Top

My dabbling with sewing has led me onto a new journey. It’s a scary path which I have avoided for a long time. But I’m glad I ventured on and explored the world of sewing my own clothes. *gasp* To many of you, I’m sure it’s no big deal. But me, it’s a huge deal! The last time I made something to wear, I was 14 and had my home economics teacher guide me step-by-step. What did happen to those culottes?

Anyway, what spurred me onward was this free sewing patternTessuti’s Fave Top {link}. I had a look at it and thought that “I can sew that!”. So I printed the pattern out. Arranged the pages, sticky taped them together and cut the two sides out.

Tessuti's Fave Top (pattern)

Pinned them onto two metres of stretchy fabric which I bought at a warehouse for only $2/metre. Cut the front and back pieces out. Then sew. I made the sides narrower than what the pattern called for and it was fun to try out the ‘elastic overlock stitch’ on my sewing machine. It made the job a lot easier! But the hem and neck line were not so easy for me. I’ve never sewed with stretch fabric before. So the stitches were not so straight. 😛

Tessuti's Fave Top

I ended up with a giant tee shirt. You must be thinking that “How is Salihan gonna fit in that? It’s way too big!”

Tessuti's Fave Top

Well, what do you think?

Tessuti's Fave Top

It’s ooohhh so perfect for summer. Bring on the heat wave and bbqs! I’m ready to stay cool and comfortable while I’m pigging out. Haha.

Psst… I have another two metres of stretch fabric. I am undecided whether to make another one of these or try a different one. I’ve been looking at sewing patterns on Burda Style and a few have caught my eye, especially the Cowl dress/top by Ichigogirl.

Stripey Stretch Fabric

If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


2-in-1 Christmas & Kids Bunting

Inspired by the Scalloped Fabric Garland [tutorial], I decided to sew my own version. I wanted mine to be reversible with a Christmas theme on one side, and a kid’s party theme on the other.
2-in-1 Bunting - Christmas & Kid's Party

I made this especially for my mother-in-law to use all year around. She LOVES Christmas and her only grandson. She has a spare room decorated just for him whenever he sleeps over. I thought she could hang it above the little boy’s bed when Christmas is over.
2-in-1 Bunting - Christmas & Kid's Party

It was really fun and quick to make. The tutorial and template from Jessie is clear and easy to follow. The only mistake was I used a thinner bias tape and even though it looks good from a distance, I had to re-sew over the garland with wide zig zags as some of the fabric came loose from the tape.
Scrap Project

I loved making the bunting so much that I whipped up another one the next day! I took ideas from the scalloped garland and Purl Bee’s Party Garland [tutorial] to create a shimmery Christmas Bunting.
Christmas Bunting

This pretty bunting is available for sale in my Etsy store now. 🙂
Christmas Bunting (close-up)

By the way, have you seen the Sew, Mama, Sew Scrap Buster Contest? If you haven’t, I highly recommend you pop over and check out the many free tutorials dedicated to use up your fabric scraps. I guarantee you’ll find an instant gratification project you can sew up right now.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you again on Friday!


Secret Project Preview

There were some good guesses about what I’m sewing – quilt, reversible table runner, reusable bags, toys and a pillowcase.

Here’s a sneak peek.
Scrap Project

It is reversible, Valerie, but not a table runner. 😉 I think some of you might be able to guess it now.

I’ll blog more about it next week.

Just a reminder, there is less than 12 hours to the end of the Yarn and Kisses Malabrigo Giveaway! Pop over quickly to win two skeins of Malabrigo yarn of your choice, if you haven’t already.


Secret Sewing Project

I have new toys – free fabric that a friend was getting rid of, a new quilter’s ruler and rotary cutter, and a fresh packet of bias binding. 🙂
Secret Sewing Project

I have a sewing project planned with these. Any guesses?


A Haunted Ikea Handmade Wallet

I sewed my own wallet using Ikea fabric remnants. But… I think it’s haunted! *shiver*
Ikea Handmade Wallet

There is a story behind how I came about making this wallet. It started with Sandra showing me this bag and a twitter [Follow me!] or two later, Sara suggested searching Craftster for a wallet tutorial. I did and came across this project which used the Summer Wallet Tutorial by Lola Nova.

But I think this wallet is more of a Halloween wallet rather than a summer one… *shakes spider off my hand*

I modified the tutorial to include a coin compartment,
Ikea Handmade Wallet

which coincidentally fits my phone! That was a fluke!
Ikea Handmade Wallet

Ouch! Zapped me!

Anyway, I also added more pockets and a compartment for all my dollar bills.
Ikea Handmade Wallet

What’s up with all these spiders? Hmm… and what’s wrong with that bird… and the… cards…

*shakes if off* Must be my imagination.

It’s a bit hard to talk about the process because I pretty much made it up as I went along. But I did take a few photos along the way.

If you do not see the slideshow above, CLICK HERE to view directly from Flickr.

I love this wallet but can someone please bless it for me!? Please!


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