Amigurumi Pears at the waterfront

These limited edition Amigurumi Pears are now available at MY SHOP and they are never to be reproduced (by me) again. They’re the same gigantic pear plushies but crocheted with Lion Brand Wool-ease Chunky. Their bright eyes and leaves brighten their lovely smiles even more!

Meet Gigi, Gugu and Gaga Pears.
Amigurumi Pear Family

We took them on a walk with us the other day and I think they loved it! They couldn’t stop smiling! 😀

They love the boats.
Amigurumi Pear Family

They love the birds.
Amigurumi Pear Family

They love the water.
Amigurumi Pear Family

Gaga even wanted to go for a dive and the other two were not far behind!
Amigurumi Pear Family

It’s a good thing Richard was quick on his feet and scooped them into his arms before anyone got wet!
Richard loves Amigurumi Pears!


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Amigurumi Pear Family
Baby Ysoline {+ Amigurumi Pears}


Baby Ysoline {+ Amigurumi Pears}

Vivian of Ecoyarns lent me her gorgeous daughter, Ysoline, for a photo shoot with my Amigurumi Pears. I got all set up in Viv’s backyard and started taking a few photos. BUT I’m not a mother so I didn’t really know how to communicate with kids that young.

Viv captured me trying to coax her to cuddle the pears and maybeeee smile for the camera.
Ysoline & Amigurumi Pears Photo Shoot

But all she did was stare back at me with the pears around her. I didn’t get any decent shot of her on my camera. Just look at Ysoline looking at me!
Ysoline & Amigurumi Pears

Her mummy, on the hand, was very clever and came prepared. She not only have her camera with her, she had a pocket full of lollies! Vivian offered her a marshmallow and Ysoline instantly came alive. She posed happily with Mami pear while having a mouthful of marshmallow. She is so precious!
Ysoline Cuddling Amigurumi Pear
Ysoline Cuddling Amigurumi Pear
Ysoline Cuddling Amigurumi Pear
Ysoline Cuddling Amigurumi Pear
Ysoline Cuddling Amigurumi Pear

Ysoline signals the end of the photo shoot by kicking the Amigurumi Pears away and running off in the opposite direction! Hehehe… Too cute!
Ysoline Kicking Amigurumi Pears

P.S. The Amigurumi Pear giveaway is still on and open to everyone. Leave a comment to win a pear of your choice. CLICK HERE to enter. I will ship internationally.

P.P.S. Check out Ecoyarns for a huge range of eco friendly knitting yarn, spinning fiber and much more!


Back with Birthday FOs!

I’m back and have I been busy with knitting, crocheting, traveling and a bit of actual work! 😛 I’ve made three birthday gifts last month, two of which are for little ones. Richard also celebrated his 32nd birthday and we went away to the Blue Mountains for the weekend. But Richard got his birthday present months ago and he’s been wearing the handknit Asherton scarf almost everyday.

My friend Linda and her son, Ewan, celebrated their birthdays a week apart and I didn’t know about it till the last minute. So a mad rush through Ravelry and I found a couple of easy patterns to work from. Do you remember the Luxury yarn range from Bendigo Woollen Mills that I knitted into hats? I had enough yarn left over to make the gifts for the mother and son.

Knitted Makeup Bag for Linda
Pretty lace pattern with lovely details. This makeup bag knitted up quickly. Perfect for a last minute gift.
Quick B'day Makeup Bag
Quick B'day Makeup Bag
Pattern: Sundance Makeup Bag
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8ply
Needles: 4mm
Mods: My attempt at a buttonhole failed, probably because I used smaller needles. So I sewed on snap enclosures instead.

Winter Octopus for Ewan
Yes, it’s an amigurumi octopus wearing a turtleneck jumper and a knitted scarf. It is winter here after all. 😛 Hehe… Richard was tickled pink when he came home and saw the silly octopus. But most importantly, I’ve been told that two year old Ewan likes it. Success!
Winter Amigurumi Octopus
Winter Amigurumi Octopus
Pattern: Amigurumi Octopus
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8ply and Classic 5ply; Homemaker Venice
Hooks: 3.5mm and 4mm
Mods: Switched between blue and green yarn (held doubled) and crocheted with 4mm hook to create octopus’ jumper. Simple rib scarf knit with 3.25mm needles.

Knitted Bunny for Aurora
This bunny is for a special one year old girl we have yet to meet. When she was born, I knitted her a tomato baby set. We had to miss her first birthday party cos we both had colds. Can’t take a risk with the H1N1 virus going around. 🙁 Anyway, if you can knit a square, you can make this. A little bit of clever sewing pulls this bunny together.

Note to Simon & Meg: Hope she loves it and plays it with often. Catch up with you guys soon I hope! 🙂
Knitted Bunny
Pattern: Knitted Bunny
Yarn: No idea. Didn’t have a ball band.
Needle: 3.5mm
Mods: Made floppy ears and added ribbon for a bow.

That’s all for now but there are more FOs (finished objects) to come, plus travel photos. Thanks for dropping by today! Happy New (Financial) Year!

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Life’s Simple Pleasures

I bought a little toy from a soya bean drink stall in Singapore called Mr Bean. It’s such a cute little toy and I just couldn’t resist him.
Mr Bean

When I got home and was putting the toy together, I saw this paragraph at the back of the box:

“Have you felt the beauty of a smile, the warmth of a touch or the bliss of simply watching the world go by… Share a little time and imagination with us. Let’s indulge in Life’s Simple Pleasures.”

If you’ve been to Singapore before, you would know that life there is far from simple. It’s fast paced, busy, loud and did I say, busy? It’s hard to find people enjoying life’s simple pleasures. I thought about this carefully and have managed to capture five wonderful memories from my trip there.

1. Meeting my cousin’s 17 month old daughter for the first time. Her name is Sofea and she is soooo cute. She has the sweetest smile and her face just lights up when she giggles.
Sofea (Mosaic)

2. Meeting my friend’s daughter, Georgia, for the first time. Teresa was heavily pregnant and gave birth the day before we flew back. We didn’t get a chance to meet her baby son, Kieran, but Georgia sure was entertaining!
Teresa, Georgia & Me
She played doctor and nurse with Richard and it was such a crack up! Don’t be fooled by the photo. Georgia wasn’t the nurse. She kept bossing Richard around and Nurse Richard played along, following her every instruction very carefully. Haha… She is so imaginative and will make a very good big sister!
Georgia & Richard

3. Catching up with my mum and three brothers. My two teenage brothers grow so fast! I’ve only met them a few months ago when they visited me here and now Irfan is already taller than me! Here we are sharing a meal together at Pastamania the night before we flew home. Who would have thought that their pesto pasta would actually be the best tasting pesto I’ve ever had! Either I need to eat out more in Australia or Pastamania got a good thing worth coming back to!
Umi & 3 Brothers

4. Friends! It’s always too long between visits! I miss having Jeevan and my two girl friends, Radiana and Dianah, around. But they’re more like family to me so the years never seem to have passed by when we get together again.
Richard, Me, Jeevan & Salihin
Me, Dianah & Radiana

5. Finding unexpected surprises throughout the ever changing Singapore. I’ve only been away a bit more than two years and there are so many new buildings around. The train line has expanded too. There are so much construction around that it’ll be exciting coming back to see all the changes.

Here we are testing out Goretex jackets from the National Geographic shop where Salihin works at. The cold room is in the shop to test their jacket. Cold wind blasts you and the room is set at -7 degrees celcius! Such a cool experience, especially when it’s stinking hot and humid outdoors.
Testing Jackets from National Georgraphic Shop

And the new Marina Barrage with the water play area and the grass roof was an interesting visit. It was also a hydrologist’s dream (…ahem… Richard). He took pictures of everything! I was just happy to find a place where I don’t have to fight for standing space and the water play area really helped cooled me down. (It was just so hot and humid!)

Click HERE to view more photos from Singapore

What are your simple pleasures?


Crochet Cupcakes for Olly?

This is the last installment of my handmade gifts for my trip back to Singapore. This time it isn’t for my grandma but for a dear friend’s daughter and sibling. I say sibling because Teresa is pregnant and keeping the sex of the baby a secret. So I crocheted a couple of cupcakes, one with pink frosting and the other with yellow frosting. It’s the brightest yellow yarn I’ve ever used. It’s so bright and cheerful! (Teresa, don’t tell Georgia she’s getting this ok? 😉 )

Crochet Cupcakes
Patterns: Ana Paula’s Amigurumi Cupcake and Roxycraft “Cherry Pickers”
Yarn: 8ply acrylic from stash
Hook: 3.75mm or size F

This sweet cupcake story could simply end here if it wasn’t for Olly. With all the craziness of packing and getting the house ready for our trip overseas, Olly decided to be difficult and showed that he wasn’t too happy with us leaving. Olly had kidnapped the cupcakes when I wasn’t looking!

I found him on the bed with the cupcakes held close to his chest. I must say it’s not a very clever hiding spot but we should give him a break. He is just a cat after all. So he looked at me defiantly. There was a stand off. The room fell silent as our eyes met.
Cupcakes with Olly

“Olly…” I said sternly. “They’re not yours. You can’t have the cupcakes. I’ll crochet you your own cupcakes when I get home ok?”

He stared back at me. “NO! You can’t take them away from me. So neeehhh!” he said childishly, sticking his tongue out at me.
Cupcakes with Olly

This is a 7.5kg cat. You do not want to mess with him when he’s cranky. I coaxed him and pleaded. Have you tried reasoning with a temperamental redhead? It’s like talking to a brick wall!

It went on for a while and I sounded pretty much like this, “Come on Olly. Be a nice boy. Let mummy have the cupcakes…”

I could see him wavering. He was just not happy that we were leaving. And suddenly… Olly started wailing!

Cupcakes with Olly

“Waaahhhh! Why do you have to go! Take me with you!” Olly screamed.

It got pretty ugly after that but he soon calmed down when I told him that Nanna, Auntie Emma and little Jackson will come over everyday and keep him company. He sniffled a little more but he let me pack the crochet cupcakes. 🙂 Ahhh…

By the time you read this, I’m already in Singapore. The beauty of being able to schedule blog posts in WordPress. (thumbs up) So I’ll be away all of next week. Have a good Easter weekend. We’ll catch up soon. Take care!


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