A Stunning Lace Scarf & Breathtaking Paradise

I did it! I’ve finished the knitted lace scarf, Muir, and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever knitted. This soft, light and airy scarf weighs a mere 54 grams (2 ounces) but it is still deliciously warm, thanks to the finest baby merino wool that the Malabrigo yarn is spun with.
Muir Scarf

The lace pattern proudly shows itself after blocking and the colour variegation of the yarn failed to detract from the simplicity and grace of the knitted leaves and the gentle waves surrounding them.
Muir Scarf

This scarf once again reminds me why I knit. I may question the time, effort and money I spend knitting but in the end, it always blows me away to see what I’ve created with my hands, a ball of string and a pair of pointy sticks. No store bought, mass produced item can replace the love that goes into a handmade object like this.
Muir Scarf

I hope my much deserved friend feels the good vibe when she wraps this scarf around her. I may have struggled initially with knitting this but I perservered for our friendship. The memories of our times spent together filled my thoughts with each stitch and it spurred me on.

For all the times you’ve pulled me together, Marina, and the times we laughed despite the enormous stress we were under, this scarf is for you.
Muir Scarf

Pattern: Muir
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace
Needles: 4mm
Mods: CO 61sts only. Pattern repeat worked only once in each row.

And to all the wonderful designers out there who create beautiful patterns like Rosemary Hill, thank you. You make me look good. 😛

To end, let me take you to paradise. I took photos of the Muir knitted scarf on our bushwalk yesterday. We walked through rough terrain, climbing down steep rocks and ended up here. Our own little private bit of paradise that simply took our breath away…
Kariong Brook Waterfall
Kariong Brook Waterfall

If you don’t see the video, CLICK HERE to watch in YouTube.

Hard work pays off, doesn’t it?

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Sydney Olympic Park

… Continued from Hexagons on the Move

RINGS was my clue to where we went last Saturday. If you guessed Sydney Olympic Park, well, you’re a freaking genius!

We went to the Bicentennial Park for a quick lunch, not really a picnic. We had places to go and things to do. So we quickly left and went to our first pit stop.

Salihan saying "Tada!"

Tada! It’s the award-winning Brickpit Ring Walk. It is the 2006 National Trust Heritage Awards Winner. I’ve not even heard of this place before but it was pretty cool. I think this homemade video best captures the size of the ring in the middle of this old brickpit. Don’t you just love the colours!

It was a bizarre feeling walking on it. It was just the two of us in this big weird suspended ring. And to add to the strangeness, Richard actually got the camera off me! (I’m a little possessive of it.) And you can see why I don’t normally hand the camera over. He would want to take photos of me! I had to oblige those mesmerizing blue eyes though. I was having a wonderful day so smiling was pretty easy.


In all fairness, he agreed to take a rare photo of us together. I LOVE this photo. Don’t we look good?! 😛 Gee, I’m such a lucky girl.


We were off to the next pit stop in the “larger than I thought” Sydney Olympic Park. Drove to the next location, parked and walked for a while to get to the…  SHIPWRECK! Yip, real shipwrecks in the water with the fancy condos in one background and the Ikea mall in the other. Surreal!

Shipwreck Mosaic

Although we were already rather tired from walking in the warm weather, we had one last place to visit. Another short drive and we were at the Newington Armory. Did anyone know there was an armory in the Sydney Olympic Park? Anyone? Richard was keen to see the heritage buildings and at first I thought it was going to be pretty boring. But I was blown away by how well preserved everything was and the armory was bigger than I thought! We walked and walked and there seem to be no end. There were so many bunkers, train tracks, old buildings and old signs. Again, there was barely anyone around. It’s like we were stuck in some Dr Who episode where everyone disappeared!

Newington Armory

But that’s not all folks! We finally walked back to the entrance and saw people walking into this big old building. Thought we should check it out. You wouldn’t believe it. It was an art gallery! This place just keeps on giving. The ARTEXPRESS exhibition was on and it was awesome to be able to wander into an old army building and find artwork from young budding art students. A symphony of young and old I think.

Among the exhibition, I did find a couple of artworks that would interest the yarn and craft lovers.

"My Body of Work"
“My Body of Work” by Indigo Hanlee, Sydney Girls High School
(Hand embroidery on organza)

"Pig Passes to Paradise"
“Pig Passes to Paradise” by Danielle Klusek, Strathfield South High School
(Yarn wrapped around a pig)

I hope you have enjoyed my Saturday outing to the Sydney Olympic Park. 🙂 If you have a chance, please do visit it for yourself. I can’t wait to go back there again and see what else I will discover. Enjoy the rest of the week and I’ll see you again on Friday.

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Moving Forward

I have lost my job at the high school I’ve been working at for the last three years as a Teacher’s Aide. I did not receive a call one morning to say thank you for your services but there is no longer a position available to you this term. No, it didn’t happen that way. Instead, I had one day of work when school reopened and then nothing else. I rang up and was told that there is limited funding and they’ll keep me in mind. “I’ll keep you in mind”. What a blow to my guts.

It’s been a bit more than two weeks since I’ve gone to work. It feels like forever sometimes. I’m not sure what will happen next. I’m optimistic at the opportunity presented to me. I can start fresh again. I can put all my efforts into the best I can be, instead of settling in a job that underutilised my skills. Even though I am stressed and anxious about the future, I am happy.

On my road to self-discovery, I’ve been asking myself, “What are you really passionate about?” The answers are revealing themselves in mysterious ways. Last night, Richard laid next to me going through his RSS on the laptop. He found a Maths article which led to another article and ironically, an article on success and happiness. Below is a video from the article. It’s Steve Jobs, who co-founded Apple, giving a graduation speech at Stanford University.

If you don’t see the video, click here to view directly from YouTube.
To read the entire article on “Collected Notes on Success and Happiness”, visit BetterExplained.

Tell me, friends. What is your idea of success and happiness?


How Do You Knit?

Everyone knits differently and the differences are more apparent when you knit in a group. There seem to be a curiosity among knitters to find a better or faster way to knit and purl. Maybe it’s driven by their strong desire to finish their knitting projects in record time! I’ve sat there watching others knit in voyeur-like fascination, wondering how their knitting style came about.

Over the years, the way I’ve knitted changed from English/right-handed method to Continental/left-handed method. It is a preference and both ways are just as fast as the other. I prefer the Continental method because I find that purling is a lot easier this way.

I’ve also adapted the way I knit to suit myself. Here are two video of me knitting. The first one is with commentary and knitting is shown slowly. The later is me knitting at my normal speed without any commentary.

I’ve searched YouTube and found other similar videos of how people knit. I think it was discussed in a Ravelry forum but I can’t seem to find the thread. If someone knows of this thread, please leave the link as a comment.

So tell me, how do you knit?


Funny Cake Video

I was recommended Cake Wrecks by another blogger and it’s one of the funniest websites out there! Even made Richard laughed looking at some of the tragic cakes! Anyway, this video was posted on Cake Wrecks and I thought I’ll share it with you. I’ve been feeling like I need to laugh more and this one is pretty funny!


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