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I have a special treat for all the Malabrigo lovers out there. October sponsor is Yarn and Kisses and they have agreed to give away, not one, but TWO skeins of Malabrigo yarn of your choice!


I think I’ve made it pretty clear over the years how much I LOVE Malabrigo. The hand dyed, incredibly soft wool is an absolute pleasure to knit with. Each skein of yarn has a generous yardage and it is excellent value for money.

Malabrigo has also introduced sock yarn and organic cotton to its repertoire over the recent months and has added many new exciting colours, including Ravelry Red!


  1. Click on the banner below to go to Yarn and Kisses
  2. Yarn & Kisses

  3. Choose one Malabrigo yarn you would like to win
  4. Leave one comment here, specifying yarn colour and range. For example, Ultramarino (Organic Cotton). Winner will win TWO skeins of yarn they’ve specified
  5. You must provide an email address so we can contact you if you win

Everyone around the world is welcome to enter! However, entries that do not adhere to the above conditions will be automatically disqualified.


Now I know some of you really want to win. So here are four ways to increase your chances of winning. Leave a seperate comment for each bonus entry.

  • Subscribe to Salihan Crafts via email or RSS
  • Purchased from me through Ravelry, Etsy or Salihan Crafts Shop. Please include the product you’ve purchased and from which store in your comment. One comment per customer
  • Purchased from Yarn and Kisses. Please include the product you’ve purchased in your comment. One comment per customer
  • Blog about this giveaway. Please include the URL to your blog post in your comment

Basically, 1 bonus entry = 1 comment.

CLOSING DATE: 9pm Australian EST on Sunday, 25th October 2009

Winner will be picked at random and announced the following day. I will email the winner for their address soon after.

If you have any questions about the giveaway, please email me@salihan.com.

Best of luck!

Update: Comments are now closed.


Be Kind. It’s My First Handspun.

Hope showed me to spin last month and was kind enough to send me home with her Ashford spinning wheel and more fibre. Yesterday, a few of us met at her place for the Central Coast Knit & Crochet {Ravelry} group meet-up and Hope showed me to ply my singles together. I was extremely blessed with many kind words of praise about how my first singles turned out. Don’t we all need a good pat on the back sometimes to tell us we’re going alright? Thank you ladies! 😀 When my head eventually shrunk back to a manageable size, I spent a few hours plying to create my very first handspun yarn!

Salihan with Her First Handspun Yarn

Please be kind. It is my first time spinning and plying my own yarn. Can you tell that I am very proud of it? I can’t believe that it started out as fluffy wool from a sheep to this yarn I can knit with! Too cool!


Spinning Singles

Handspun Close-up

I still have more roving to play with and Hope lent me more of her spinning tools so I can ply the singles together myself. Vivian showed me to skein the yarn on Hope’s niddy-noddy too (which I borrowed). I’m so glad someone can show me how to do these things. What would I do without you girls! Thank you!

12wpi Yarn Gauge

I’ve wrapped the yarn around my new Ashford yarn gauge (another gift from Hope! God, I’m spoilt!) and I got 12 wraps per inch. The tag says that my handspun yarn is a sportweight. I’m not sure how much yarn I will have in the end so I really don’t know what I can knit it into. I think I’ll have enough yarn for a scarf or shawl. Whatever it is, I think my first handspun yarn should be turned into something really special.

What did you make with your first handspun yarn?

By the way, Shannon of www.musingsofafatchick.blogspot.com is offering a WEBS Ball Winder & Swift Combo as a prize. The contest runs through next Friday, April 3rd. Head over for your chance to win (after you’ve left a comment here first!).

**Update 2 April 2009: Hope blogged about our meetup too and included pictures of Vivian and I spinning. 🙂 I especially like the title of the blog post – K5tog. Isn’t she clever! **

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Yarn Stash Explosion

My friend, Rosemary, came over last Friday with a tea chest carton full of yarn! She inherited the box of yarn from her mother who has recently passed away but she wanted me to have it. Of course, Olly being the nosey cat that he is claimed the box as his before I can get to it!

New Stash Just Arrived

I spread my newly acquired stash out and the yarn covered the entire sofa! There is a huge myriad of colours, yarn weights and textures but the majority of it is 4ply and 8ply acrylic yarn. Typical yarn stash of a charity knitter.

New Stash on Sofa

If anyone out there knits for charity or know someone who does and wishes to have some of the yarn, please email me at me@salihan.com. I’ll be more than happy to share them around. I live on the Central Coast, Australia..

As a way of thanking her, I’ve started knitting her the Wisp shawl with some of the yarn she has given me. She is going through a difficult time in her life and I wanted to knit her something cheerful and pretty to wear.

Wisp Knitted Shawl WIP

I’m not confident with the way I’ve striped the yarn for the shawl. I only have one ball of each colour so I cannot make a solid colour shawl and I think she would really like the metallic thread in the soft yarn. I’m nervous about using bright colours in general when I knit so I’m going to ignore my personal unease and continue knitting. I’ll update you on the progress soon. 🙂

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Strike Me Happy!

Teachers were on strike today so we didn’t have to go to work. The bad news is that I don’t get paid but there were plenty of good things that made me happy. I was still in my pajamas, reading my emails and saw that four people left comments on my last post. Ah, it’s good to know there are people reading my blog. Then the postman arrived and delivered my first ever online ordered wool!
Bendigo Classic 12ply (Raven)
Bendigo Rustic 8ply (Red Tweed)

Since I started knitting 3 years ago, 90% of the yarn I used were acrylic. I just didn’t have the funds to buy anything else. To be even more budget conscious, almost all my projects were small and only require small amounts of yarn. But then I found Bendigo Woollen Mills a few weeks ago and I can foresee my knitting going into a new direction. Not only was I supporting the local farmers and reducing my carbon footprint by buying locally, the yarn is ridiculously cheap as compared to those available at shops like Kmart, Big W, Spotlight and Lincraft – $11 for 200g of pure Australian wool! It’s such a joy to knit with for so many reasons!

Following the high from the yarn delivery, Richard and I went to The Running Shop at East Gosford and bought a pair of shoes each. It was the best shopping experience I’ve ever had buying running shoes! The shop supplies many local sporting groups and is highly recommended by podiatrists. I can see why! I wouldn’t go anywhere else from now on. They know their shoes!
New Asics Shoes
I’m walking away my winter blues!

Well, it won’t be me if I didn’t have food porn to top off my good day. This one is a little bit unusual – cornflake crumbed baked chicken and crunchy roast potatoes! I followed the recipe from the Kellogg’s Cornflake Crumb packet. Basically the chicken is coated with egg and dipped in a mixture of crumb and grated parmesan, then baked. I thought it needed a bit more oomph but tt wasn’t too bad though. The roast potatoes, on the other hand, were yummy! I followed this recipe and added a sprinkle of Vegeta and dried rosemary prior to baking. Crisp on the outside but soft and fluffy inside. Mmm…
Cornflake Chicken & Crunchy Roast Potatoes

And a little warning before you read on. If you’re on a diet, look away now.
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sinfully good! The chocolate chip cookies had soooo much dark chocolate chips, it’s just wrong! Since it’s double chocolate, do two wrongs make a right?

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I Love Crafty Gifts!

I received two parcels this month. The first was a knitting package from Jolene with 8ply cotton yarn, dye and a cute knitted felt cat (Olly’s lookalike) which I named Chichi. She has joined the adventures of Little One.
Gifts from Jolene
Chichi made by Jolene Choo using this Crafty Alien pattern

And then, unexpectedly, I received a parcel from Teresa just two days ago! She gave me sweet Japanese cotton fabric, a Chinese ornament and a pair of pretty earrings she made.
Gifts from Teresa

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