Tutorial: Aunt Flo’s Purse

Store your feminine hygiene essentials in Aunt Flo’s Purse! It looks like a little make-up bag or tissue holder. You can now carry your sanitary napkin, pantyliner and tampon inconspicuously to the toilet because no one else needs to know that you’ve got your period.

1. You’ll need a piece of felt 10.5″ long by 5″ wide. The felt I’m using is handmade from 100% wool. A felted sweater or store bought wool felt would work just fine too. Just make sure it’s pretty. 😉

Aunt Flo Purse 1

2. Now set your iron to the wool setting. Fold the felt in half and press. Fold the short edges in by 2.5″ and press again. Your felt should look a lot like a purse now.

Aunt Flo Purse 2

3. Cut 2 small pieces of interfacing and iron them onto the wrong side of the felt. Use the picture below to guide you.

Aunt Flo Purse 3

4. On the right side of the felt, sew on a pair of snap fasteners. Again, refer to the picture below. The interfacing should be directly beneath (on the wrong side) where you will be sewing.

Aunt Flo Purse 4

Aunt Flo Purse 5

5. Just to make the snap fasteners super secure, cut another 2 small pieces of interfacing and iron them on top of your stitching. This step is optional and meant for paranoid people like me.

Aunt Flo Purse 6

6. Pin the pockets in place as we’re about to sew the edges.

Aunt Flo Purse 7

7. Using your trusty sewing machine and matching thread, sew a 1/4″ seam down the sides.

Aunt Flo Purse 8

And you’re done! You now have a pretty purse to hold your feminine essentials. Bet you won’t be able to stop at just one! I’m guessing your sister, bff and mum would like one too. Happy sewing! 😀

Aunt Flo's Purse (open)

Aunt Flo's Purses

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